• Picture in your mind what your life would look like if you were

    financially free

  • God designed each individual for a unique mission of stewardship that will touch and

    Impact the World

  • No matter what your financial situation or level of income may be,
    Scripture has something to say about how your finances are

    related to your faith

Generous Life Journey | The Road to Financial Freedom

At some point in every life we will all encounter things in our lives that will bring us to the intersection of faith and finances. How we navigate when we get there will go a long way to determining our success in our walk with God and in life.- Excerpt from Generous Life Journey

About Gunnar Johnson

About The Author

Gunnar is a fan of cycling and an avid skate-boarder, he has been happily married to Missy, his high-school sweetheart, since June 1996. They have three children-Faith, Katelyn and Elijah and live in Colorado. This book is the culmination of over 10 years of faith, struggles and obedience to carry out a very clear and precise vision God gave him on how to build a stewardship ministry. It's the story of how his encounter with God forever changed his life course and taught him how you handle finances is an issue of your heart.

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Too often, when someone hears the word "stewardship" at church, they immediately grab their wallets and think, "Here it comes. The church is after my money again!" That's a tragic misunderstanding of the biblical principles of stewardship. A steward is just a manager of God's resources! In Generous Life Journey, Gunnar Johnson draws on years of research and hands-on ministry to unpack true, biblical stewardship. What you learn just might change your life!-Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host